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Road Trip From Charlotte To Asheville: The Ultimate Western North Carolina Adventure Guide

It feels like every week, another friend of mine is either moving to North Carolina, visiting North Carolina, or visiting North Carolina to decide if they might want to move to North Carolina. And it’s not just a quirk of my friend group, either — North Carolina has been near the top of every “Places People Are Moving To” list for the past several years – with relocation rates only increasing.

With incredible natural diversity, beaches and mountains within mere hours of each other, a (relatively) lower cost of living when compared to other major cities in the Northeast or West, and a milder climate than other popular Southern locales it’s booming for a reason, y’all. But while I’ve visited the beaches of North Carolina and briefly enjoyed some brews in the hipster haven of Asheville, I hadn’t fully explored the region. And with all the friend group chatter, I found myself curious about the area that so many pals rave about. I had seen gorgeous photos of mountains and waterfalls, quaint downtowns, and crystal blue lakes on Instagram and now I wanted to see them for myself.

So I set off on a solo road trip through Western North Carolina – from Charlotte to just outside Asheville. And, you guys, I may not be Zillowing the area yet but… I definitely get why everyone else is. Here is my recommended route, where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.


For a low-key dinner in a gorgeous yet laid-back setting, Dilworth Tasting Room is the perfect choice. In the Dilworth neighborhood, DTR has an extensive wine list and cheese and charcuterie without sacrificing quality on other more substantial menu items. I enjoyed the crab cakes with some rosé, followed by a decadent Bajadera dessert – chocolate layered nougat with Nutella, raspberries, and whipped cream.


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