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Dilworth Tasting Room has its own wine label that you can take home by the bottle

Dilworth Tasting Room recently released a Chardonnay with its namesake.

The wine is a collaboration with Matthew Fritz Winery off the central coast of California.

Details: The Chardonnay comes from Monterey, CA. Its flavor profile consists of crisp Granny Smith green apples, pear and baking spices, according to sommelier Marc Aisenstark.

  • “The newer generation of wine drinkers are straying away from the oaky buttery [flavors] and enjoying this style more,” Aisenstark tells Axios.

Price: DTR Chardonnay will cost you $13 a glass. A full bottle costs $50 and can be brought home with you.

  • Aisenstark says the Chardonnay will be available through the Fall, or until it runs out.

What we’re watching: Dilworth Tasting Room is working on a pinot noir from Santa Barbara, California that’ll be available soon.

  • Its flavor profile consists of ripe fresh strawberries and a little earthiness with a smoothly integrated finishing.


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