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Dilworth Tasting Room

If you asked me where a great place to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend or for date night in Charlotte would be, one of my first suggestions would be Dilworth Tasting Room. It’s quiet, charming, and the service is exceptional. The entire design indoors and out is well thought out to give you a unique and intimate experience.

I have to say, I’m head over heels with their outdoor patio complete with string lights, koi pond, and greenery everywhere you look. It’s just so peaceful and relaxing!

The wine selection is superior and our server was extremely knowledgeable in helping us choose one haven’t had before that was perfect for our palates. It took us forever to decide what small plate to order, because they all sounded so delicious. We settled on a custom charcuterie board and bruschetta. What was really nice, is that we couldn’t choose between two different styles of bruschetta, and our server was nice enough to split the order so that we could try both! One was an artichoke and garlic style, and the other had roasted grapes, ricotta cheese, and thyme. Both were incredible!

They’ve got a new seasonal menu out for the Fall and I can’t wait to get a taste of it! Overall, this is one of my favorite spots in the city and I believe everyone who enjoys an evening of wine and small plates should give this spot a try!

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