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The 11 Best Nonalcoholic Spirits of 2021

Booze-free sippers are having a moment.

When it comes to nonalcoholic spirits, the drinks industry has come a long way in the last ten years. Back then, non-imbibers were relegated to sodas, juices, and sparkling waters. In 2014 Seedlip began offering up a spirit-adjacent alternative and now, we have a full rainbow of booze-free options, from rums and whiskeys to tequilas and aperitivos.

But not all are created equally. “The best nonalcoholic spirits have good balance, that can stand up to being mixed, and that deliver more than just a flavored water experience,” describes Lynnette Marrero, the co-founder of Speed Rack and bar director of Llama Inn and Llama San. “I think of it like food. You have to hit more receptors when alcohol is not included.”

Here are the best nonalcoholic spirits that hit those notes.


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