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A healthier approach to dining in Charlotte: 5 restaurants to start with

For a mindful approach: Dilworth Tasting Room

Whether I’m seated at the secret-garden-esque patio of the Dilworth location or settled under the elegant pendant lights at the newer SouthPark location, I come to DTR to sip wine. Slowly. And if I order a meal, from the octopus to the DTR salad (mixed greens, toasted walnuts, apples, figs and goat cheese), I come here to savor that just as slowly.

DTR sets a mood of mindfulness — there’s so much for which to be fully present: To see (the glow of the lights), to smell and taste (the notes in your glass), to feel (the curve of your chair as you lean back and relax), to hear (the clinking of glasses and pleasant chatter of other guests). Mindful meals mean emotionally satisfying meals.

These descriptors could be attached to so many places in Charlotte. Treat this as a prompt. The next time you’re making plans to dine out, ask yourself: Where can I go to get what I’m craving, and what’s on the menu that I can add to that for extra nutrition? And off you go, eating healthier in Charlotte. Easy.


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