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The Best Not-So-Kept Secret in Charlotte? Dilworth Tasting Room’s Patio.

Finding the perfect place to bring an idea to life is no easy feat. In fact, one may look at, say, over 100 different locations. But when Jaffer Kovic (who indeed previewed that many spots) accidentally drove past the old Dilworth Billiards building on E. Tremont Avenue, he knew he found the one.

Kovic opened Dilworth Tasting Room in 2016.

“In the three years of operating in Charlotte, Dilworth Tasting Room has grown leaps and bounds with the multiple additions to the kitchen, increasing the food menu, adding cocktails, changing the wine program from full retail to a more dining atmosphere without losing the bar feel,” he said.

One major piece that drew Kovic to this gem was the beautiful patio garden located just outside the side door.

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