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The 25 best restaurants on the NoWait app, ranked

“That was today?”

You need last minute dinner plans so you call every hot restaurant in town. As hostesses laugh through each reservation rejection, you realize there has to be another way.

The NoWait app, created in Pittsburgh in 2010, was designed to allow users to queue in line for participating restaurants that don’t offer reservations—and even for a few that do.

The app has since increased its hostile takeover of frisbee-sized pocket buzzers and hoarse-throated hostesses, ushering pre-dinner rituals into the digital age.

In March of last year, Yelp purchased NoWait for an estimated $40 million. Even before that time, users of the NoWait app had seen increased integration with Yelp, a restaurant guide that allows users to share experiences with businesses and rate them on a scale from one to five stars.

The number of restaurants in the Charlotte area using NoWait is on the rise. So, we worked within the Yelp rating system, using its user-sourced ratings while weighing in our own experiences, to break ties within each rating.

(Note: For restaurants with multiple area locations using the NoWait app, we took an average of each score. All locations are within and around the 485 loop.)

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