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Dilworth Tasting Room has added 25 spring cocktails to its expanding menu

Dilworth Tasting Room has expanded its menu to include 25 new cocktails perfect for sipping on the patio this spring and summer.

It’s part of an expansion that will grow the cocktail program to include 100 in total by this fall, but don’t expect things to get complicated.

“It’s not about smoke and mirrors,” owner Jaffer Kovic told the Agenda. To Kovic, it’s about staying true to the cocktails’ roots — DTR classics like the Hanky, Gimlet, French 75 and Aviation are still available.

This season’s cocktail program includes a Paloma Classico, Negroni, Strawberry Basil Cup and Black Rabbit, a creation by Kovic that incorporates espresso, Mescal, Fernet Branca, espresso syrup, dry vermouth and simple syrup.

Kovic and his co-workers expect the New York Sour to be the most popular due to its beauty (check out the strikingly eye-catching cabernet sauvignon floater), along with the Strawberry Basil Cup for its “safety.”

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