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11 spots for the perfect – and classy – date night

We’ve already helped you nail that casual first date, but now it may be time to step it up just a little. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, there are times that call for a fancy night out.

While you figure out that perfect outfit to wear and why your hair has decided to not cooperate on this of ALL DAYS, we’ve got you covered on the spot.

All the CharlotteFive Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants gave us their favorite places (did you meet our winners?), and we’ve turned that into a list of 11 spots that are sure to impress for a classy date night.

#2 - Dilworth Tasting Room - 300 East Tremont Street

C5 Pro Tip: It’s half off Japanese Toki highballs on Wednesdays and half off select cabernet sauvignons on Thursdays. Take these drinks out to the back patio and koi pond for a magical experience at night.

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