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Dilworth Tasting Room is a classy respite from the tap- Quaint vibe with great food, drink

As Charlotte’s pint overflows, its wine glass shouldn’t remain empty.

With half a dozen craft breweries along the Rail Trail, just over South Boulevard lies Dilworth Tasting Room. Perhaps you’ve passed the quaint red building on a run or even trying to cut around South/East Boulevard traffic. Once you step in, they may have to kick you out before you voluntarily leave.

If Charlotte ever created a space that made you feel like you were exactly where you wanted to be, it’s here. From the first sip to the first bite, Charlotte has a corner all its own—classy, clean and with food and drink to die for.

Now let’s talk about the fall menu.

Our picks:

Market Salad—warm root vegetables, goat cheese bark, nuts, and raspberry sherry vinaigrette

If they didn’t have you at goat cheese bark, you may be a lost cause. It’s the best part of the dish.

“We tried to play hot and cold a little bit and we made an herb goat cheese bark,” Chef Brett Levan said.

Anyone can toss on a goat cheese crumble; it compliments the roasted beets for a heavenly fall symphony. Go on. Have another bite.

Scallops—black risotto cake, roasted kale, corn veloute

From the slightly seared scallops to the black risotto cake, your taste buds may believe they have died and gone to heaven—they have…it’s probably the truffle oil working its magic.

Recommended cocktail:

French 75

Brought to America by soldiers returning from World War II, the combination of gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar packs a subtle kick juxtaposed to the gun it’s named after.

“We like consistency in our classic cocktails,” said mixologist Larry Suggs, who joined the Dilworth Tasting Room team last week.

Other options:

Pork—sweet potato dauphine, roasted apple gastrique

Beef—braised fingerling, asparagus, carrots, mushroom glaze

Chicken & Dumplings—chicken jus

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